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Actively Managed Certificates

We have a route to cost-effective investing, smarter decisions and everything you need all in one place.

The securitization of an investment strategy held in a custody or trading account.
Discover how we can help you route your strategies and access a network of investors worldwide.
  • Portfolio managers
  • Brokers
  • Family Office
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Access an investment strategy through a security
No need for additional KYC/AML
Immediate access at a fraction of price
Trade broker to broker through Euroclear/Clearstream
Price distribution on Bloomberg/ Six Financial/ Vienna Stock Exchange
Check track record and invest
Tailored products from around the world with unlimited strategies
Applicable Portfolios and Strategies
DCS’s solutions offer the possibility to customize and develop unlimited investment strategies.
By asset type
Equity, fixed income, derivatives, funds
By market
US, Emerging markets, LATAM
By share class
Growth, value, blue chips, technology
By combination market and asset type
US equities, emerging markets funds, LATAM fixed income
By risk profile
Low risk/conservative, balanced risk/moderate, high risk/aggressive

Drive growth

Access more profit pools from existing and new investors worldwide with a lower cost solution that maintains regulatory and oversight requirements.