Specialist programmes


Enabling SMEs simplified entry to advanced fund structures, partnering with reputable entities in acknowledged jurisdictions.

CCAP IP SPC - FUND Platform (“CCAP”)


Providing SMEs streamlined access to sophisticated fund structures with reputable counter-parties in recognised jurisdictions.
A SPC is a registered Cayman Island company which provides SMEs access to a sophisticated special purpose vehicle or fund structure in a recognised and respected jurisdiction at a fraction of the traditional cost in setting up and operating.
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Capabilities of the platform.
  • Segregated Portfolio Company (currency agnostic)
  • Ring fenced against cross liability
  • Various Fund Structure options
  • Oversight by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  • Tax Exempt
  • Full Turnkey services
  • Can launch individual funds or special purpose vehicles
  • Private equity vehicle
  • Quarterly NAV report and online access to view performance
  • Fund Administrator SOC- 1 compliant with over $5B in AUM
  • Pay-through vehicle


Fund Advantages
Unlock the potential of your investments.
  • Efficient cost structure
  • Seamless distribution channels
  • Swift engagement-to-launch timeline
  • Marketplace for investors and managers to connect
Investor Benefits
Elevate your experience with exclusive perks.
  • Robust oversight
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Unmatched transparency
  • Enhanced security
  • Trusted jurisdiction
High-Grade institutional counterparties.

Drive growth

Access more profit pools from existing and new investors worldwide with a lower cost solution that maintains regulatory and oversight requirements.