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CCAP DAC – Listed Debt Programme

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CCAP DAC – Listed Debt Programme ("CCAP DAC")


We offer a turn-key wholesale debt solution with globally recognised counter parties with section 110 status.
We offer a CCAP DAC – Listed Debt Programme with several benefits; notes issued are cleared centrally, use of high-grade institutional counter-parties, an independent trustee who can pledge assets, notes issued are freely transferable securities and access to a broad range of underlying assets classes.
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Clear vision for transparent pricing and secondary markets.
  • Senior Secured
  • Deliver robust returns
  • Asset-backed
  • Listed on a recognised stock exchange
  • Replace with freely transferable securities
  • Available on various investment/life platforms
Flexible options for greater opportunities.
  • Access to capital through our global distribution network
  • Various assets that can be used as security
  • Predictable pay-off with cash flow management benefits
  • Single or multiple projects with the opportunity to tap the market
  • International stock exchanges
  • Non-diluting capital
High-Grade institutional counterparties.


Design. Create your own products with a turnkey solution.
Develop investment strategies that the market demands with the constant support of recognised global financial and legal institutions.
Cost. Allow efficiencies for cost and time-to-market.
Take advantage of a scalable business model that allows for the quickest time to market at a fraction of the cost.
Access. Maximize and optimise distribution.
Access investors within existing or other banking platforms immediately through Euroclear security with an ISIN and with no additional investor KYC/AML.
Additions. Understand and utilise what's available.
The structure can have various benefits, including; tax benefits, estate planning, client anonymity, discreet asset acquisition or even fractional ownership potential for more considerable assets.


1. Series creation.
Design your issuance with flexibility while integrating with top-tier service providers.
2. Onboarding & KYC/AML Compliance.
Full compliance provision by top tier third parties.
3. Issuance Process.
Seamless issuance process coordinated by professionals with all relevant third parties.
4. ISIN Code Provision.
Every Note is assigned a specific “XS” prefix / international ISIN code registered in Euroclear.
5. 24/7 Client Support.
Key parties provide 24/7 client support with 24h maximum response time.
6. Exchange Listing.
Notes listed on the Vienna MTF providing a robust infrastructure, market data and information.
7. Subscriptions and Redemptions.
Manage all weekly processing of subscriptions and redemptions of the Notes.
8. Collateral Asset Value Calculation and Distribution.
Note NAVs are published at the stock exchange, Bloomberg, and Six Financial and distributed to all investors’ accounts.
9. Bloomberg Publishing.
Relevant information such as pricing, issuer, liquidity, etc. is displayed in Bloomberg gaining worldwide exposure.

Drive growth

Access more profit pools from existing and new investors worldwide with a lower cost solution that maintains regulatory and oversight requirements.